Educational content from Kyle Jepson that you might have seen

Nordic Growth Summit

If you've read the introduction to Kyle Jepson, you'll see we mentioned his famous orange hat. It makes an appearance in a few of his videos and was even used to announce the birth of his 4th child, but we didn't mention the superhero image he has of himself of his YouTube channel - I guess you could call him Super Kyle.

There are lots of places you might have seen Kyle. Here's just a few: 


There are hundreds of posts by Kyle on Linked in and picking one to share would be too difficult. 

His content is absorbed by thousands of people on a daily basis. Want to see it and follow him?

Youtube Channel

150 videos in the last 12 months showing the latest updates from HubSpot. Kyle makes these super easy to understand and shows how they can be used to get the most from your HubSpot portal. 



You only have to google Kyle's name and you see how much content he puts out there and how much other people want him on their platforms - we recommend you do that search but here's one that Avidly, recorded with Kyle when he was visiting their offices for their event. 


In-person events

Kyle is no stranger to the stage and he commands the attention of the audience and captivates their attention.

When people meet Kyle in person, they can be a little bit star-struck (or maybe that's just me), he's inspiring on video, but he's even more inspiring in person. Don't miss your opportunity to see him at the Nordic Growth Summit. I'd hazard a guess that Kyle speaking on stage in Norway doesn't happen very often, so make sure you don't miss out.