Igniting Creativity and Innovation with Jason Bevan: A speaker Q&A

Nordic Growth Summit

You might have seen that we have the incredible Jason Bevan speaking at the Nordic Growth Summit. We sat down to speak to him about what we can expect to hear about in his talk and how he can bring so much value to those in attendance.


Let's delve into what he has to say.
In a few sentences and in your own words, please describe who you are and what you do… And more importantly why you do it:

I’m Jason Bevan, Former VP of Marketing EMEA and Head of Creative Development at Warner Bros. Pictures. I currently run Content Creator Studios, producing video content for most of the big Hollywood studios to promote their films.

I’ve adored my 20+ years in film mainly because I view it as the Formula 1 of the creative world and it pushes me creatively in so many different directions from horror… to animation; from action … to romance.

It has also opened the door for me to work with some of the world’s most impressively creative minds, from whom I’ve been lucky enough to learn some very valuable tips and techniques to be more creative. 

How does your expertise align with the focus of the Nordic Growth Summit - Business Growth, HubSpot, and AI?

Creativity and Innovation have been identified time and time again as two of the most important skills needed to grow and succeed in the commercial world……even more so with the advent of such sophisticated generative AI tech that’s come out in the last year.

It’s time for humans to identify what we do better than AI and other automated creations and focus on those skills to ensure our jobs are assisted by technology and not consumed by it.

That means focusing on being real people and skills like relationships, inspiring each other, and driving our imaginations and ideas that we know we can still (and I hope always) do better than AI. 

And how do you feel your expertise can help our audience?

Having been fortunate enough to have worked on some of the world’s biggest movies and directly with some of the very well-known people who made them, I’ve been able to take out some valuable tips for how they develop their ideas and storytelling that wow us in movies.

I have translated that insight into clear easy things that I know we can use to be more creative and innovative in the way we work. I will share these when I speak to NGS. 

Given the theme of the event is "Business Growth: HubSpot, AI and more", what do you believe is the biggest opportunity for businesses in the Nordic region/generally right now?

Working effectively in unison with generative AI is a massive opportunity.

Gen AI can now emulate the way humans communicate, but that does not mean it can replace our skills. We should therefore use Gen AI and other automation tech for the more mundane “grunt” work so we have the time to focus on new ideas, strategies and big important decisions.

In my field for example, people generally say that time to think is the biggest thing that stops them from being more innovative and creative so let’s make sure Gen AI help free us up to solve that and spend our time on the things where we can add the most value!

Without giving too much away, can you give a teaser about what attendees can expect from your talk?

  1. A tonne of cool film clips and inspiring behind-the-scenes stories about Barbie and other iconic films.
  2. 5 key tips and take-outs from those movies that I hope you can take away to rocket fuel your innovation, creativity and storytelling.

What's one piece of advice or a key takeaway you'd like attendees to walk away with from your session?

Being boldly creative does come with risks, but the real danger to a business is in bland conformity and sameness.


If you were a C-level executive in the Nordic business landscape, why would you attend Nordic Growth Summit?

On our own or working with the same people day in, day out we can tend to think on train tracks with repetition and habits, staying in the familiarity of doing the same thing.

When we are surrounded by lots of people with differing skills, backgrounds, insights experiences and ways of thought to our own it can have a hugely beneficial impact on the way we think and operate. 

If there's anything else you'd like to share or think attendees should know before the event, please add it here:

Come with an open mind, with energy and be ready to bravely think about how you can break out of your train tracks of thought with bold new ideas for your organisation. 

Is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers or attendees ahead of the event? Any books, resources, or topics they should look into to get the most out of your session?

Think about what things stop creativity in your organisation and what your train tracks of thought are and how you might get off them. I will share lots of suggestions for doing this!

Don't miss out on this enriching experience. Join us at Nordic Growth Summit on 11th April 2024...