Lessons from The LEGO Movie ad-break you can apply to your business

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It's just another post-work evening at home. You're sitting around with your family after dinner and generally winding down from a busy day.

The TV is on ahead of Someone's favourite show starting. The kids aren't paying attention and even you are looking at your phone. The sound of the same old advertisements washing over you.

"Look at this!" Someone says, getting the attention of the whole room.

You look up at the screen already knowing what you'll see having already watched this ad a hundred times before.

But then:


You've just stepped into an alternate LEGO-made universe with the same familiar voices and the same familiar adverts. But everything is made entirely of those mind-expanding little bricks.

This campaign was just one of those produced by Warner Bros. to market their hugely popular The LEGO Movie. The marketing of this movie was completed under the stewardship of Jason Bevan, who is a keynote speaker at Nordic Growth Summit 2024.

It's humourous, immersive and memorable. The three key creative ingredients your business should apply to its communications in order to stand out in a content-saturated world.

Here's why they're so important...

Using Humour

Why it's important: In the world of business marketing and communications, humour serves as an immediate bridge to human connection. Laughter breaks barriers. When your content or advertisement makes someone chuckle, they're more likely to remember your brand, associate positive emotions with it, and share it with others. Moreover, humour humanizes brands, making them appear more relatable and less corporate.

Idea: Imagine a financial firm that traditionally deals with serious content, deciding to spice up their annual report with light-hearted, comedic illustrations that explain complex financial concepts. Or, consider a cybersecurity company launching a series of short, humorous skits showing the dangers of weak passwords, with the tagline: "Don't let your password be a joke!"

Being Immersed in What You Do

Why it's important: Immersion is about ensuring that every touchpoint of your brand deeply resonates with the essence of what you stand for. An immersive experience wraps around the audience, making them feel part of the story you're telling. This creates a sense of belonging, ensuring deeper brand loyalty and better customer relationships.

Idea: Take a travel agency, for instance. Instead of just selling holiday packages, they could offer virtual reality tours of the destinations. This gives potential travellers a 'taste' of their next vacation spot. Or a coffee shop providing not just the beans or the brew, but an entire experience – from online coffee brewing classes to the history and culture of the region where their coffee beans are sourced.

Making Something Memorable

Why it's important: The human brain is wired to remember unique experiences and stories. When faced with the same old advertisements and marketing tactics, most people switch off. However, by crafting memorable experiences or content, businesses can ensure that they stay top-of-mind with their audience. This not only boosts brand recall but also fosters word-of-mouth marketing.

Idea: Picture a shoe company that, instead of just showcasing their products, creates an interactive online game where users design their shoe universe. The best designs are then turned into limited-edition shoes. Another example could be a software company that sends personalised video messages to their users on their 'software anniversary', reminiscing about the journey together.

In a world where every brand is vying for the consumer's attention, being humourous, immersive, and memorable isn't just a good-to-have – it's essential. By incorporating these ingredients into your marketing mix, you not only stand out in the crowd but also build lasting relationships with your audience.

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