Navigating the Future of Business Growth: A Q&A with Alexander Solbakken

Nordic Growth Summit

We've got an exciting lineup for the Nordic Growth Summit (NGS) and we sat down with Alexander Solbakken, a seasoned creative technologist at TRY, to find out more about him and what we can expect to hear about in his talk.

Nordic Growth Summit's main focus is on "Business Growth: HubSpot, AI and more," and Alexander Solbakken brings a wealth of experience from his decade-long career in programming and concept development in the Norwegian ad industry.

His session aims to demystify AI, providing practical insights tailored for Nordic businesses poised for growth. So let's jump into the interview.

NGS: In a few sentences and in your own words, please describe who you are and what you do… And more importantly why you do it:

Alexander: I’m a creative technologist at TRY who spent the past 10 years as a programmer and concept developer in the Norwegian ad industry. I spend a lot of my time exploring, experimenting and explaining emerging technology like AI.

We’re on the cusp of a technological revolution, and I love that I’m here to experience it. 

How does your expertise align with the focus of Nordic Growth Summit - Business Growth, HubSpot, and AI?

Alexander: Marketing is according to many studies one of the industries with the most to gain from our current AI technologies. Hopefully, I can show the attendees how they can get started and what the future could bring for them.

And how do you feel your expertise can help our audience?

Alexander: AI technology is a lot less intimidating when we understand its current state. It also helps us think in more practical terms about what we can use the tech for right here and now and what our future opportunities might be.

Given the theme of the event is "Business Growth: HubSpot, AI and more", what do you believe is the biggest opportunity for businesses in the Nordic region/generally right now?

Alexander: The massive boost in efficiencies will have a huge impact on the production capacity of businesses in our industry. We can do more things, better and faster than ever before and the businesses that adapt early are going to be the biggest winners.

Without giving too much away, can you give a teaser about what attendees can expect from your talk?

Alexander: Together we’re going to get over the AI hype and instead look at real-life examples of what current AI tech can be used for. There are countless opportunities, so together will figure out what AI can do for you, your product or your service.

What's one piece of advice or a key takeaway you'd like attendees to walk away with from your session?

Alexander: AI is revolutionizing every aspect of society, and it is so much more than just text- and image-generation.

If you were a C-level executive in the Nordic business landscape, why would you attend Nordic Growth Summit?

Alexander: The Nordics are uniquely early adaptors of technology, with modern infrastructure and very high technical skills. Nothing is standing in the way of Nordic companies being industry leaders in this field.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers or attendees ahead of the event? Any books, resources, or topics they should look into to get the most out of your session?

Alexander: I’m a strong believer in learning by doing. If you still have not tried tools like ChatGPT or Midjourney, it’s high time to familiarize yourself with them. Don’t get too stuck in theory – go get your hands dirty!

We're excited to hear from Alexander and if you want to find out more about the event and save your seat, click the link below.