A Q & A with Kyle Jepson: HubSpot Academy's first-ever Evangelist

Nordic Growth Summit

If you've read our other blogs you'll know exactly who Kyle Jepson is and what he's bringing to Nordic Growth Summit. Now it's time to hear from the man himself as we asked him about what he's hoping people will get from the Nordic Growth Summit and his talk.

Let's get to it...

Kyle Jepson

In a few sentences and your own words, please describe who you are and what you do… And more importantly
why you do it:

I am HubSpot Academy’s first-ever Evangelist, which means my job is to help HubSpot customers fall in love with HubSpot. I do this primarily through #HubSpotTipsAndTricks videos on LinkedIn and frequent live events. I love the HubSpot tools and how quickly they evolve, and I come alive anytime I can help someone else love them, too.

How does your expertise align with the focus of the Nordic Growth Summit - Business Growth, HubSpot, and AI?

My goal is always to drive action, so coming to a summit focused on “knowledge, strategies, and actionable insights” is very exciting! I hope to give everyone who comes to my session at least one new thing they can immediately try.


And how do you feel your expertise can help our audience (Nordic-based C-Suite professionals)?

If you have HubSpot, likely, you aren’t using it to its full extent. I can help you find opportunities to get more value out of the tools you already have access to.


Given the theme of the event is "Business Growth: HubSpot, AI and more", what do you believe is the biggest opportunity for businesses in the Nordic region/generally right now?

Keeping abreast of AI developments is crucial right now. Even if you don’t plan to use AI in your business right away, understanding what’s possible and what’s happening in the market should be an important part of your strategy. It could be that you’ve evaluated AI tools in the past and decided they weren’t a good fit for your company’s needs, but the technology is evolving so quickly that you should re-evaluate AI regularly.

Without giving too much away, can you give a teaser about what attendees can expect from your talk?

I will give live demos of the current state of HubSpot’s AI tools. You will come away with a clear understanding of what they can (and can’t!) do today.


What's one piece of advice or a key takeaway you'd like attendees to walk away with from your session?

HubSpot is investing heavily in AI tools, and there are a lot of amazing features we’ve developed – but you don’t have to use ALL of them (or any of them!) if you don’t want to.

If you were a C-level executive in the Nordic business landscape, why would you attend Nordic Growth Summit?

To learn about AI technology's current state and connect with my peers.