Q & A with Patricia Rollins, Typeform's VP of Marketing

Nordic Growth Summit

By this point, you've most likely interacted with a Typeform form. Those cool, uber-sleek, super-intuitive and engaging forms you can't help but fill in. I like to describe them as 'the iPhone of lead gen forms.'

Patricia Rollins is Typeform's VP of Marketing. She has 20 years of experience across account-based marketing, performance marketing, and brand development, Patricia has a proven track record of building growth engines at technology companies.

And she will be speaking at the Nordic Growth Summit. Get to know her here...


In a few sentences and in your own words, please describe who you are and what you do… And more importantly
why you do it

As Typeform’s VP of Marketing, my role is all about driving growth for the business, while providing an outstanding experience for our customers at every step of the journey. What drives me is the opportunity to create an impact in a world that is always changing. There’s never a dull moment in marketing! I love leading my team to collaborate on new strategies and bold solutions that make our numbers go up and to the right.


How does your expertise align with the focus of the Nordic Growth Summit — business growth, HubSpot and AI?

All three of those focus areas are huge priorities for us here at Typeform. Business growth is always top of mind for me – I’ve spent 20 years experimenting with different growth levers to achieve different goals, and I’ll be revealing one of the new ways we’re driving growth in 2024 during my session.

HubSpot is another way we’re achieving our growth goals this year – we have a powerful integration that enables mutual customers to manage new leads more easily by sending them to HubSpot automatically, and beyond that, we partner on a number of go-to-market initiatives.

Finally, AI is huge for me and my team – we’ve implemented tools such as Writer and Scalestack to enable everyone to be more efficient and effective. AI is no longer the future – it’s now.


And how do you feel your expertise can help our audience (Nordic-based C-Suite professionals)?

My guess is that you care about not only attracting and converting customers, but the right customers – the high value customers who will generate more revenue on average for your business. If this is you, then I can help by sharing Typeform’s approach to winning and keeping these types of target customers.

Hint: It involves unlocking data across your GTM to complete the customer picture.


Given the theme of the event is "Business growth: HubSpot, AI and more", what do you believe is the biggest opportunity for businesses in the Nordic region/generally right now?

2024 is going to be a challenging year in many ways, as boards and investors demand efficient, yet aggressive growth. What worked in the previous “growth at all costs” and “cost reduction” eras no longer applies. We need to be bold enough to try out new solutions – from leaning into AI to investing in zero-party data, to unifying our GTM tools and tech stack. Now is the time to balance business as usual with big bets.

Without giving too much away, can you give a teaser about what attendees can expect from your talk?

Data fragmentation is rampant – and without the data we need to understand our customers, we’re flying blind. This problem is only going to intensify as we face 2024 headwinds, from Google’s cookie deprecation to increasing privacy regulations.

In my session, I’ll share strategies for completing the customer picture, so that you can send every prospect on a personalized journey that leads them to conversion.


What's one piece of advice or a key takeaway you'd like attendees to walk away with from your session?

Mediocre customer journeys lead to mediocre business outcomes. To attract, convert, and retain high-value customers, you need to first understand them in greater depth.

If you were a C-level executive in the Nordic business landscape, why would you attend the Nordic Growth Summit?

There is incredible power in connection. Nothing beats in-person sharing, ideating, collaborating, and innovating together. In one intensive day, you acquire knowledge that would take 3X as long to get online. What’s more, being around industry greats is inspiring!

If you’re a HubSpot customer, I invite you to learn about our HubSpot integration, and how you can use Typeform to collect customer data straight from the source through conversational forms, quizzes, and surveys. I’m biased, but I’m not alone – 150,000 businesses like yours choose Typeform and are generating 500+ million responses every year. 


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